We all love this face Katniss made


But let’s not forgive face she made when Johanna said she’d love to put her axe in her stylist :D



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alisunray asked:
I was the Arts and Crafts Director at a camp this summer. While the kiddos (ages 7-16) were working on their arting and crafting, I played some of my CDs; one of them being your album. There were so many campers (and a couple staff members) who asked me to write down your name and album title so they could download it when they went home. They had never heard of you before camp, but by the end of the week they were singing along to your songs. Just thought you ought to know. :) God Bless. <3


dawg! Thank you so much for telling me that, that makes me feel awesome!

  • baby: e..eiii...
  • parents: look! its her first words!
  • baby: iii..
  • parents: :D..?
  • baby: I need to fight some level 5+ cogs on Barnacle Boulevard, but I need to restock my gags because I only have a few squirt guns. Gee, I wish I would work harder on my doodle since I'm going toonup-less and I really want to solo some 5 story cog buildings soon.
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